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We carry out many medical flights and this makes us grateful that many lives have already been saved through these flights. However, not everyone "wants to be saved".

It is a good feeling at the end of the day to be able to say that you've helped save a life. Some people have their own ideas though about what their rescue should look like and when it should happen.

Recently, Günter was called to a rescue flight. Upon arrival, people were surprised that the helicopter was already there. They first wanted to perform an occult ceremony that would last for several days before they would allow the patient to be flown to the hospital. This did not fit in with our flight plan, and Günter told them that the patient had to come with them now if he wanted to be treated in the hospital. Unfortunately, they decided against it, and the patient was left behind in the village still sick. Usually, in such cases, a pig is sacrificed to the spirits in order to appease them. Often the sick person’s skin is pierced to let out the "bad" blood.

Günter had to fly back to Wamena without being able to help. One can only help people who want to be helped.

Yours, Birgit and Günter, Pilot


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