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Safety & Quality

The help we offer to those in need is flown mostly in inaccessible and remote areas. This demands a lot of skill and ability from our pilots.


In general, helicopters are very reliable and safe aircraft. However, even with the best maintenance, technical problems can arise during a flight. In the event of a power failure, the pilot can make an emergency landing in a relatively small area without any damage to the helicopter by means of an autorotation. Autorotation is part of the basic training of every helicopter pilot and is practiced regularly.


Helimission has worked in cooperation with with Q.C.M. - Quality Control Management since 2013.


Helimission has been a member of MSI (Mission Safety International) since 2017.
MSI supports us in Quality management.


Since 8. January 2021, in partnership with Rotortec AG (helicopter maintenance company), the workshop in  Helimission's hangar in Trogen has received a Part-145 approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation as a maintenance organization in accordance with Annex II Section A (Part-145) of Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014.


Seit 2021 ist die Helimission ein Mitglied von CSPN (Child Safety and Protection Network)



The helicopters are regularly inspected, repaired and serviced. The mechanics are responsible for making sure that the helicopters operate smoothly.  That is why Helimission attaches great importance to the good education and further training of licensed aircraft mechanics.

(Example: EASA Part-66 licence B1.3)

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