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Making The Best Of The Situation

During the corona crisis the government of Madagascar imposed restrictions on flying. That meant that we were not able to fly for several weeks. We used this time as efficiently as we could and decided to do some maintenance work ahead of schedule and make the best of the situation. This flexibility is still required today. 

Various maintenance work on both helicopters took over a month. Among other things, we performed a 12-year inspection on 5R-MKT’s landing gear. To do this, the entire landing gear is disassembled into its individual parts to check them carefully for corrosion, cracks, and other damage. We also carried out an annual inspection on both helicopters. We had to exchange the main rotor gear sealing gaskets on the 5R-AAA because they were no longer airtight. In order to do this, we had to disconnect the gear box from the engine, which involved a considerable amount of work.  

For us on the field today, as during the corona crisis, it is a challenge to get the appropriate spare parts and tools to the right place at the right time. This entails a great deal of logistical effort. Here I would like to extend our big thanks to the logistics department at our headquarters in Switzerland. But the logistical effort on the bases is also considerable. In addition, the administrative procedures for importing the parts are very time-consuming. I would also like to thank all supporters of Helimission. Only thanks to your donations is it possible for us to procure expensive spare parts and the required material so we can continue to keep our machines flying safely in the field. 

Nick, Maintenance Manager


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