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Georgia Is Alive Thanks To Helimission

Once again, we had an assignment with the HVM Hospital in Mandritsara. For many years now, we have been flying HVM medical teams to remote bush villages for vaccination campaigns and consultations. This time, I accompanied pilot Jan Vidar in order to introduce him to these missions. 

On our arrival we were met by Hilde, the manager of HVM Hospital in Mandritsara. She asked us if we could fly a detour on our way back after dropping off one of the teams, in order to pick up a man who had fallen ill. In addition, it would be great if we could also take his pregnant wife along, as their baby’s date of birth was imminent. After a brief evaluation, we were ready to go. As discussed, we took both of them back to the HVM hospital.

When I asked Hilde about both patients the next day, I was quite surprised at what she told me. She said that after our arrival at around 3 pm, the man and his pregnant wife were both examined. At this point, the medical staff found out that something wasn’t right with the baby. So, the HVM team decided to perform an emergency Caesarean. Little Georgia was born at 5 pm. I was simply amazed and thought to myself that once again, this was in perfect timing. You have to imagine that we only fly the helicopter to this area about five times a year. It was truly a miracle for me that everything turned out the wonderful way it did. Unfortunately, babies or mothers or even both die on a daily basis here. We were all the more thankful that there was a “happy end” this time. 

Nick, pilot


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