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In June, I was travelling with Philibert and his team for three days. Each team member had a specific task – among other things, a children’s program took place and a doctor provided medical help.

In Australia and New Zealand, many Christmas parcels were assembled for children in Madagascar. The parcels were then sorted according to age and gender and packed into large crates that contained 20 packages each. Since everything in Madagascar takes a little more time, the packages did not arrive until June. Before the gifts could be distributed in the villages, we were able to speak to the people in the village as a team. Then, the big moment came to distribute the gifts to the children. It was a great joy for us to see the children’s shining eyes and to be able to experience this with them. Naturally, the children were very curious to see what the parcels contained. They were given a signal and could then open the parcels. You could hear shouts of joy and laughter everywhere; the children were delighted with the gifts. I was touched to see how much effort many people in faraway countries had put into this project so that children in Madagascar could enjoy these gifts. In total, over a period of three days, we were able to visit six villages and distribute around 1,700 gift parcels.

Nick, Pilot


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