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When Elke Kummer and her fiancé, Hans, were preparing for overseas missions with Helimission in 1998, they were told of a place called Irian Jaya (today called Papua). Much of the island was essentially untouched by modern life and steeped in extreme spiritual darkness. Elke’s first thought after hearing this? “I hope they don’t send us there!” But she soon learned that God has a sense of humor-and a sovereign plan-when within a few years Papua would become her much loved home for a long-term mission. 


Adventures in the Rotor Wind tells the story of Elke’s transition from a comfortable lifestyle in Germany to a life of adventure and unpredictability in pioneer mission work. Vibrant stories of missionary life fill each chapter, with tales ranging from the humorous to the heartbreaking as Elke and Hans lay down roots in their new world. The couple uses their skills in helicopter maintenance, accounting, and housework to play a part in the team effort to bring the light of the gospel to tribes living in deep spiritual darkness. From becoming familiar with seeing nearly nude natives to taking stomach-dropping flights, Elke’s story will capture the imaginations and touch the hearts of Christian readers everywhere. It is sure to inspire others to cultivate a love for sharing the gospel and seeing it spread throughout all regions of the earth.


393 pages

Adventures In The Rotor Wind

20,00 CHFPreis
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