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For a helicopter to function reliably, many parts and components must work together. Each part is important and has a specific purpose. This is also the case with a small component called the “Tail Rotor spider end ball assembly”. If this part were to fail, the pilot would no longer be able to control the Tail Rotor thrust, which could very easily lead to a tragic accident. For this reason, it is fastened very securely.

Like many other components, this part has a serial number. On the helicopter 5R-MKT the number had accidently been painted over and there was a request to verify the serial number. To do this we had to disassemble the part and remove the paint covering the serial number plate. Then the part had to be repainted and reinstalled. The bolts are secured with both locking plates and safety wire. Each nut and bolt have a specific tightening torque (the exact tension) which must be adhered to using a calibrated torque wrench.

The component could be verified as part number “MA19213”. If you like technical work and have a heart for missions, you might want to consider helicopter maintenance training in order to work for Helimission. The biggest shortage in Helimission’s over 50-year history is well trained helicopter mechanics.

Jan, Mechanic and Pilot


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