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On his way from Trogen in Switzerland to Africa – across the Mediterranean, the Sahara, high mountains or lonely areas – Ernie Tanner experiences countless extreme situations. His goal is to bring physical and spiritual help to the poor and poorest of Africa. Again and again, the founder of Helimission finds his life in danger, menaced by men, animals, wind and weather. This book tells the personal, honest, gripping tale of Ernie Tanner’s turbulent trips to Africa and the events on the Dark Continent.


Sandstorms, machine guns, crocodiles – Ernie Tanner defies them all. Or rather:
there is One who defies them through this pioneer. If you are expecting an Indiana Jones style thriller by a swashbuckling daredevil, you will be disappointed. Tanner’s modest humility, his perpetual reference to God, and his honest reflections comprise an essential aspect of both content and style in “Where Angels Fear To Fly”. Death was the helicopter pioneer’s constant companion. Ernie Tanner lost good pilots and friends in helicopter crashes. This book also tells of such hardships – and how he dealt with them.


«… We are indebted to you for your motivation and flying expertise which
enabled us to experience and absorb so much in the short time available …
I wish you and your blessed mission continued success to the benefit of the many people you are helping.» 

(Excerpt from a letter from Richard von Weizsaecker, President of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1984-1994)

Where Angels Fear To Fly (E-Book)

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