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Dr. Patrick was roused from his sleep in the middle of the night. Our medical team had been called because a woman had gone into labor.

Once again, I was underway with Sedera and a medical team in the rain forest at the eastern end of the island. This time, we visited four villages. I always think it is very beneficial when outreaches are combined with medical help. The distribution of roles was clear: Sedera taught the people and in the evening, he was responsible for the open air cinema. The dentist as well as Dr. Patrick and nurse Mbola carried out all kinds of consultations.

The night time call for help was answered by Dr. Patrick and nurse Mbola. They actively supported the mother during labor until a healthy girl was born. In the western world, people can hardly imagine what it is like to give birth in a bush village, without any kind of medical support. Complications often occur with this kind of home birth. It was therefore all the more gratifying that, this time, everything went well and we were in the right place at the right time.

Nick, Chief Pilot


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