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You may be familiar with the expression that “one cannot dance at two weddings”. However, during my last assignment with organizer Denis and his team, I was able to participate in a very special event…

Once again, we were on a mission on the Bemaraha Plateau. We were accompanied by the faithful Dr. Justin. I dropped Denis and his team off in Ankoadava and flew straight on to pick up another team with Miomana. After dropping them off in their village, I flew back to Ankoadava where a very special event was on the agenda: Pastor Cyril’s wedding. It turned out however, that another couple also wanted to get married, and Denis performed two weddings. You can probably imagine how the whole village and everyone from the team celebrated these two weddings! The small bush church was bursting at the seams. Many people had to make do with standing outside. After the wedding ceremony, the banquet was prepared. However, after watching how the pig was dismembered with a bush knife, and then half of it was carried over and presented to us, I suddenly lost my appetite. After the feast there was plenty of dancing and singing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Justin carried on his work, once again conducting many consultations. The day after the wedding we flew back. Our first stop was for Miomana and his team: I flew them back to their starting point then I picked up Denis and his team and we embarked on the return journey together.

Nick, Pilot


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