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A Family Mission – Unforgettable

The hospital in Mandritsara in the North of Madagascar has been making a valuable contribution to the well-being of the people in this remote area for decades. Our youngest daughter, Caroline, accompanied us on our one-week outreach before returning to France to study medicine. She was able to attend a number of deliveries and operations.

Some patients travel several days before being treated at the hospital which now has a brand-new operating room and great caregivers! Most women come to this hospital because of birth complications. It is a joy and a blessing to welcome all these patients and help them. 

We accompanied a community health team into the bush to vaccinate babies and young children. The villagers in these completely remote areas make their living mainly from picking cloves. For two days we also encouraged a group of young people in their tribal language “Tsimihety.”


Flying such outreaches with the family is always a great blessing, a privilege and creates unforgettable memories for parents and children.  

Magali (nurse) and Jean-Christophe, pilot


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