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Teacher in Madagascar


Primary School Teacher needed in Madagascar

School year 2022/2023

We are looking for a teacher for a missionary family in Madagascar (a primary school teacher degree is not mandatory, but experience with children and teaching is required).

The position is to teach 3 children aged:
6 years (1st grade)
9 years (4th grade)
11 years (5th grade)


German, general knowledge/NMG (nature, man, civilistaion), mathematics according to the Swiss number book, creative work (e.g. drawing, and handicrafts)

French, English and music by arrangement (can also be covered by other teachers)

Duration of assignment from school year 2022/2023:
1 school year, ie at least 9 - 10 months, but it can also be longer.

Self-funded (board and lodging are covered by the missionary family)


Are you interested? 
Further information is included below:

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