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Courses for Applicants

Required course:

Candidate Decision Camp (CDC) Helimission


Here, the candidates and Helimissiondecide together what the next steps will be.
We always try to recognize God's will in making this decision.

Sunday - Friday (6 days)
(the CDC usually takes place once a year)

Recommended course:

AEM Working Group of Evangelical Missions
Courses/further training (e.g. culture course for short-term employees (KUK) at AEM


Are You Ready For Adventure?

Secondary training as an aircraft mechanic

EASA Part-66 B1.3 License Helicopter

Make the Difference and find your Vocation!

As you can see in the video, the Helimission Foundation operates from Switzerland and has bases in Indonesia and Madagascar. We are always looking for mechanics and pilots who are enthusiastic about the training and work in the countries where we are deployed.

Important: Helimission does not train aircraft mechanics and pilots itself. But we would like to support you and offer you the possibility of employment after

you have completed your training.

Do you have any questions?

Together with you we will find out how you can invest and get involved in helimission as a future aircraft mechanic and aircraft mechanic with a pilot license in the long term.


Juerg Gammenthaler
+41 71 343 71 71

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