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book events

Film showings and other services

For film screening at:

Thanks very much!

Visit us in Trogen!


Our  Salem meeting  (conference room) is well suited for a seniors afternoon, youth event, youth group/Royal Rangers event, seminar or retreat. Simon or Ernst Tanner will be happy to introduce you to the helimission.

We are at your side with advice and support in the individual design of your event.

Smaller groups feel at home in the friendly and modern Salemtreff (conference room) with a small fitted kitchen (no cooking facilities) on the first floor.


Contact person for Salemtreff (conference room):
Brikena Tanner

Information brochure Salemtreff:


Or do you just want a sermon?
Ernst Tanner or Simon Tanner 
look forward to an invitation!

Contact person:
Elizabeth Peter  | Tel. +41 71 343 71 71 (Mon / Wed / Thurs)

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