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Hedi Tanner’s autobiography tells the story of a woman striving to find her way through disappointment, discouragement and loneliness. Frequently separated from her husband, who is working as a helicopter pilot and missionary in distant Africa, she is left alone at home with her children to undergo many hardships and to experience first-hand what it means to feel helpless. Gnawed by doubt, anxiety and guilt, she comes to realize that her husband would never be able to fulfill his mission without a strong woman behind him. She finally understands that she was born to be a fighter, a spear bearer, whose purpose is to support her husband.


Again and again, just like her husband, Hedwig Gertrud places all her trust and hope in Jesus Christ. Her eventful life, her marriage, her family and her work for Helimission show how God abundantly blesses this trust.


Hedi Tanner’s story is one of faraway places and home comforts; it is the story of a woman whose fight turned her into an overcomer.

The Spear Bearer (E-Book)

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