Help from above

The Helimission Foundation is a non-profit organization.
It has been using helicopters to help people in need in remote and inaccessible areas since 1971.

How we help:
By transporting patients and medical personnel
By supporting local organizations
In disaster operations
and lots more...

The foundation is funded by voluntary donations.
This is only possible due to the help of many faithful supporters!

We work with international and national relief organizations such as the International Red Cross (ICRC), the UN refugee Agency (UNHCR),  Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Humedica, the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit, OXFAM, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), CARE, Tear Fund, Save the Children, Feed the Hungry, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), etc. 


Helimission’s aim and purpose is to provide social, medical and spiritual aid to people in remote and inaccessible areas. Helimission is non-denominational and helps those in need regardless of their religious affiliation.

We currently operate three helicopter bases with a total of 6 helicopters: two bases in Indonesia, on the islands of Papua and Sulawesi, and one in Madagascar.


From our bases, we support local organizations in the bush by flying provisions for them. In addition, we transport building material, medicine and medical equipment to supply and maintain bush hospitals.

Furthermore, we fly medical personnel into remote areas to provide treatment and preventive care to the local inhabitants. Many of our flights are to rescue emergency patients and accident victims.



Helimission is supported by voluntary donations. In order to help the poorest, those who use the helicopters usually only pay for the cost of the fuel.
Flights in disaster relief operations and for medical emergencies are generally undertaken free of charge.

The real costs for the flights are borne by the Helimission foundation thanks to our many faithful supporters.



Morning Surprise

At the beginning of April, we flew two teams into the rainforest. The weather was fine when we started from the capital, Antananarivo, but the weather in Madagascar is always full of surprises… On day 2 of our mission, we flew both teams to Androrangabe. The coordinates were not correct, but we found the right […]


For some time now, I have carried a vision in my heart that different organizations would work together to provide practical help and thus be a testimony of God’s love. When we as pilots fly with teams in Madagascar, we often see people who need medical help, but whom we as Helimission cannot help directly. […]

Cyclone after Cyclone

Large stormy depressions, called cyclones in this part of the world, strike Madagascar every year between January and April. After cyclone Batsirai caused major damage, we were asked by development worker Luciano to visit the communities he takes care of to get an overall view of the damage.   Because cyclone Emnati was already approaching, […]

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