Help from Above.

This principle is important to us.

In order to help the poorest, those who use the helicopters usually only pay for the cost of the fuel. The real costs of the flights are borne by Helimission, 

without any subsidies from the state!

This is only possible thanks to our many faithful supporters.


From «Bush Telephone» To High-Speed Internet

23 March 2017

Helimission recently assisted with the installation of a repeater station on the top of the tallest mountain between Wamena and the coastal town of Sentani. The goal for this station is to establish a link to the fiber-optic internet that recently became available in Sentani. This high speed internet would bring a vast improvement in communication capability for the mission community in Wamena!

🌪️ Cyclone Enawo Devastates Madagascar 🌪️

16 March 2017

Tropical Cylone «Enawo» raged over the island of Madagascar with winds of up to 290 km/h (180 mph). Helimission is supporting local and international aid organizations on site.

Helimission helicopter brings water, food, medicine and specialists
Helimission helicopter brings water, food, medicine and specialists

🚁 First Helicopter Crossing Sahara 🚁

09 March 2017

On the 17. January 1972, with just 37 hours of flying experience, Ernie Tanner took off from Belp airport near Bern with Helimission’s first helicopter, headed for Africa. What he didn’t know at the time was, that he was the first person to ever fly across the Sahara with a helicopter.
He received an award from the Pro Aero foundation in 2012 in recognition of this unique achievement.

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A Day in a Life of a Mechanic - NEW VIDEO!

02 March 2017

Did you know: All our pilots are also mechanics.


Check out this video and learn more about a day in the life of one of our mechanics:

If you are interested in employment with Helimission click here:

Internet/ Telephone Blackout

24 February 2017

Yesterday here at HQ in Trogen, we experienced something that is an everyday occurrence for our pilots / mechanics and their families on the field. Total internet blackout. We also couldn’t receive or make any phone calls as this also needs an internet connection. A building site nearby severed the internet cable during construction work. Now we are online again!

Topping Out - HQ Switzerland

16 February 2017

We are expanding! At last work has begun on the extension we have been waiting for and which we so badly need. This will provide us with a conference room and a new guest apartment. Thank you for all your support. We have put together a video of the extension building being erected:

You can help the needy

09 February 2017

We are able to fly for those in need thanks to the support of many faithful friends.


You can help the needy and support our work in various ways:

Donations; practical assistance; and prayer.


Thank you for your valuable support!

Quality Management

02 February 2017

Due to continuous development in the field of aviation, we have been required to outsource our Quality Management. A Quality Manager from “Mission Safety International” (MSI) will support us in Madagascar. We are working on corresponding solutions for our other bases.  We are grateful to have found a partner with MSI who will work with us together so that we can continue to support the poor and unreached with our helicopters.

Madagascar is Facing a Hunger Crisis!

26 January 2017

Madagascar is facing a hunger crisis.  Years of continuing drought and the effects of El Nino have ruined the harvest of cereal crops, rice and cassava in the south of the island. 1,5 million people are dependent on emergency relief. Helimission is keeping an eye on the situation. We are ready to provide aid as soon as our assistance is required.

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