Help from Above.

This principle is important to us.

In order to help the poorest, those who use the helicopters usually only pay for the cost of the fuel. The real costs of the flights are borne by Helimission, 

without any subsidies from the state!

This is only possible thanks to our many faithful supporters.



23 June 2017

What do water tablets and a radio station have in common?

Both are very important for life far away from civilization! The village of Onara is so remote that it is only reachable by a 4-5-day boat trip from the nearest city, when the wind is not too strong. It is also extremely dangerous! 

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Born On The Wrong Day - Death Sentence!

08 June 2017

In certain Malagasy traditions, being born on the wrong day brings curses on the family, parents and relatives. By tradition, such newborns are abandoned in the forest or desert area and left to die.


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CDC - Candidate Decision Camp 2017

01 June 2017

This week the first CDC in 2017 took place in Trogen, Switzerland. The camp was a success, thanks to the nice weather and the motivated participants. The following videos show a short review of this CDC.

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🎂 Pioneer turns 90 🎂

17 May 2017

The pioneer and founder of Helimission just celebrated his birthday. Thanks to his trust in the Lord and his pioneering spirit, many people have been saved! Now, at 90 he is still “on tour” and likes to recount the experiences he made.

🏥 Bush Clinics 🏥

04 May 2017

In the mountainous terrain of Papua, it is very difficult, sometimes even impossible for people in some of the villages to get primary health care. Instead, we bring medical aid to them in the form of a “bush clinic”.


04 May 2017

A large part of our work entails helping people in need. The following video from our partner organization shows the fear and the terrible traditions that people in these tribes are living with. Our helicopters support various organizations like Ethnos360 and save many lives.

🔩 Mechanic Courses 🔧

27 April 2017

To maintain safety standards at the highest level possible, our mechanics regularly attend field maintenance courses. This allows them to carry out maintenance work autonomously on our helicopters, per aviation authorities’ requirements. So even when flying in the bush, they can carry out maintenance work and small repairs to the helicopter, enabling the pilots to fly safely to the base or the hospital as needed.