Yet Again, The Poorest Are Hit

Millions of people in India and third world countries live from hand to mouth. There is neither “short-time work compensation” nor unemployment benefits. There is no help from full pantries and freezers or fat bank accounts!

The seamstresses in India have been unemployed for months because we have closed all the clothes shops here in the West. Sanctions imposed by our governments due to the Corona pandemic have once again hit the poorest the hardest. Overnight, families who depend on work in the world famous Darjeeling tea plantations have no income. So these people instantly lack money for food. Millions are starving because of this Corona crisis. For them, the threat of starvation far outweighs the risk of dying of COVID-19.

That’s why we at Helimission are helping these poor people. Through our local partners and friends in the Northeast of India we hope to save at least a few thousand families from starvation. So far, 900 families on the border to Nepal and Bhutan have been provided for. We thank all those who make our help possible. God bless you!

Simon Tanner, CEO Helimission