Working Together Effectively

Bad weather forced us to postpone our planned mission by a day, and I was only able to bring one team into the rainforest.

On the following day I brought the second team directly to the neighboring village so that they could start teaching and providing medical aid there. After I had dropped this team off, I immediately flew back to the village where I had brought the first team the day before.

We visited other villages where the whole team was busy teaching, treating patients or conducting a children’s program. In a team composed of four different nationalities, everyone had a task. It was impressive to see how we worked together as a united team.

On Friday it was time to fly back again. Towards the end of the rainy season, the weather can be highly variable, which made flying during this week very challenging. The difficult part was to find a way from the lowlands up to the high plateau at about 4,000 feet and to cross the humid rainforest. Following the course of rivers can be helpful. We finally succeeded in bringing all team members back on the same day. We were all happy about the successful mission and how we were protected and provided for during this time.