Exactly 10 Years Ago, a Violent Earthquake Devastated Haiti

Exactly 10 years ago, a strong earthquake shook the island of Haiti and plunged this already extremely poor country into even greater misery. Together with Samaritan Air we brought two chartered helicopters from America to Haiti to assist with the distribution of relief supplies. We also transported sick and injured people as well as medical staff and material.

On 12. January 2010, the earthquake with a magnitude of 7 claimed over 230,000 lives and thousands of houses collapsed like houses of cards. The two chartered helicopters landed in Port-au-Prince from the USA just a few days after the disaster.

Many of the flights were to transport injured and sick people from remote areas to the university hospital. We also flew doctors, medical personnel and equipment and medicine to outlying clinics, where they relieved other teams in caring for the thousands of injured people.