They Felt Abandoned

The year 2020 and 2021 brought many unexpected changes in the lives of many around the world. The lives and work of relief workers have also been greatly affected. Helimission Madagascar was forced to stop all flight operations for many months and could only carry out medical emergency flights. 

It was a relief when we could fly into the bush again and reconnect with villagers whom we had not visited for almost 10 months! At the beginning of November, we went back to visit four villages on the Bemarah plateau, an hour and twenty-minute flight west of Antananarivo. We discovered that all villages had been attacked by dahalos (bandits), zebu cows had been stolen and quite a few had lost their lives. 

We taught the Good News and brought comfort and encouragement to many who were desperate and felt abandoned. We explained why it took us so long to come back and visit. In one village the chief was surprised to see me alive because he thought that I was dead. He said rumors had spread that I had died. He was happy to see me! 

Dr Justin carried out many medical consultations. A 13-year-old girl fell into a fire during an epileptic attack and suffered severe burns. Her wrist and tendons were damaged and stuck at a 90-degree angle. Dr. Justin took care of her and we decided to find funds for her operation in the capital and evacuate her for surgery later. 

We would like to express our gratitude for all the support of our work with Helimission!

Jean-Christophe, Pilot