The Unexpected Journey

Every six months, we pilots must undergo a medical examination to be considered medically fit to fly. My “medical license” was due to expire at the beginning of September, so we planned to travel to Sentani at the end of August to do a pre-medical test before checking with the doctor from the authorities. Everything went well until we received the results of the PCR tests. 

We were shocked and confused: all three of us pilots were Covid-19 positive. We couldn’t believe it because we had just arrived in Jayapura and none of us had any symptoms. The doctor explained that I must have just contracted the virus, and he advised me to quarantine for 14 days. As a result, I couldn’t meet with the doctor from the authorities but spent the quarantine at my parent’s house. They had moved to Jakarta almost 3 years ago. 

After 5 days of quarantine my sense of taste and smell had gone, and I had various Covid symptoms like dizziness, fever and coughing. After ten days I felt better and the PCR test on the 14th day was negative so I could have my medical examination. This did not go well because the medication I had used to treat Covid caused problems with my liver. My liver values were too high and I had to go for another check a week later. This time the result was good, and I finally got my “medical license” permitting me to fly again. 

However, a day before returning to Wamena I got severe diarrhea and had to be hospitalized for 3 days. After 3 more days of delay, I was finally able to fly back to Wamena. It was an unexpected journey for me! I have been through a lot but am very grateful for the experience.  

Dyro, Pilot