Thank you to Helimission! 

Congratulations on your 50+ years of service! Thank you very much for your tireless efforts. We wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing without you. We very much consider you as a vital partner in our project. 

I still remember my first survey flight landing beside the river in the village. It was quite an exciting trip. We still love the friendly and encouraging conversations we have while enjoying God’s beautiful creation from a short distance above it.

Over the years you continued to support our ministry. You helped shuttle building supplies and the fuel needed for our generator as we built our house. You brought our generator back to Wamena for repair and then brought it back when servicing someone else in a nearby village. One time one of our LPG tanks had a leak, and we would have run out before our scheduled trip back to town, but you brought us an extra tank. You have helped us with medevacs for us personally as well as the people we serve in the village. You organized doctors and other medical staff for the villagers. You have flown on unscheduled weekend days; your time off work. You have altered your flight plans to pick us up in a different village. You waited with us in the hot sun until you were sure our connecting flight was sure. You have helped our translation team with flights, accommodations, and shuttles to and from the village. You have helped arrange flights and gave us accommodations in your homes. 

On your 50th+ anniversary, please know that your service is very much appreciated. May God continue to bless each one of you individually and as an organization as you continue to serve Him!

Partnering together,

(a helicopter user)