Still precious whatever the circumstances

Katja, the wife of a Helimission employee reports from Madagascar: 

My daughter and I recently visited a small, 6-year-old girl. As she has neither a birth certificate nor any other identity papers, she does not officially exist in Madagascar.

Kristina is physically handicapped (her skull is too small in relation to her brain) and she is cross-eyed. She lost her mother 4 years ago. Her father then looked after his three children on his own. However, in November 2018, he also died. Kristina’s 2 two siblings were adopted by extended family, but not Kristina because of her disability. Shortly before her father’s death, an elderly neighbor, who was very poor, agreed to take Kristina in even though she often does not have enough food to feed herself.

We were deeply moved by her story and so it was a joy for us to give her some gifts.

Our daughter Alisha gave Kristina a few handicrafts and some clothes she had grown out of. Kristina was overjoyed and never left our side. This really touched our hearts! That is why we are now paying for her to attend a school which provides daily lunch and medication to treat her illness.