School life of a different kind

When one of our employee’s children reaches kindergarten age, the big question arises: How should our child be taught? Homeschooling? Local school? International school? What about when they reach senior level? What if we move to another country?

One of our families living abroad decided to send their daughter to the local kindergarten for one year, and to supplement this with a preschool curriculum from a German distance-learning program. From the first grade on, she will only be taught in German from home. There is a long process behind such a decision. Many discussions are needed until it can finally be decided what is best for the child in this situation. 

Amelie enjoys the social interaction in the local kindergarten. There are often special events: carnivals, excursions, communal meals and hikes. Every time she comes home full of energy and with a smile on her face. She chose the school herself – the reasons for her decision were the great school clothes (police uniform) and the fabulous playground. For her mom it is a bit more challenging: Amelie has to be brought to school and picked up every day. There are many parental meetings at short notice, and school hours can change every day. Their values on hygiene and a healthy lifestyle deviate from her own ideas etc.

Like everywhere, children are always cultural bridges: Through Amelie, her mother has found new friends who come from a completely different cultural and religious background. This challenges her to question her own convictions, again and again.