SALFA – Caring for the “Disadvantaged”

A while ago I flew with a team from SALFA, a Malagasy organization with a history of more than 38 years of medical care, training, and research in almost every aspect of heath care and disease prevention. 

Not only do they operate in the 22 regions of Madagascar, but they have extended their work and send doctors and paramedics to Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Comoros, Liberia, Tanzania, and Bangladesh. SALFA meets the needs of patients and the community through the strengthening, development and support of health centers and health projects.”

The focus of the team of five ladies flying with me was to visit two key villages to provide training to local “Mpampivelona” or “Rasazy”, best translated as midwife or birth helper. They wanted to encourage and raise awareness of the skills and advantages of having them present at the birth of a baby, which usually just takes place in the village in a family house, with little or no assistance available if there are complications. 

Comparing the World Bank statistics of Madagascar to much wealthier countries shows just how valuable their work is. 

Thank you for your support that makes such work possible! 

Ross, pilot