Morning Surprise

At the beginning of April, we flew two teams into the rainforest. The weather was fine when we started from the capital, Antananarivo, but the weather in Madagascar is always full of surprises…

On day 2 of our mission, we flew both teams to Androrangabe. The coordinates were not correct, but we found the right village. The villagers had prepared a nice landing spot for us on a field next to a tiny creek. While the teams started their work in the village with a combination of medical and dental consultations, and different ministries, we prepared the helicopter for the night, and set up the tent and fence. That night it rained so hard that the creek turned into a river. The water rose quickly and started to fill the landing place. In the morning we had to find a dry landing spot, “re-park” the helicopter and dismantle the tent and fence, all very quickly. 

We thought we’d be stuck there due to the persistent rain, but we prayed and later in the day it cleared up so we could fly both teams to the last village for another mission. The beautiful weather in this village was wonderful and we were able to dry out our wet clothes. 

Thank you for your support, helping to reach these rural areas in the rain forest. 

Jan Vidar, Pilot