Lack Of Hygiene Leads To Diarrhea

We heard about a diarrhea epidemic in Kubiyalar and therefore organized a medical response.

My flight instructor Micha accompanied me on this flight. We first flew to Dekai, where we picked up the necessary medicine and medical personnel. In addition, a missionary doctor accompanied us. The weather was not good and low clouds forced us to fly a detour. Eventually, we landed safely in Kubiyalar. 

After unloading everything, the doctor taught the villagers all about hygiene. In some of these villages, lack of hygiene is the source of many diseases. It is not unusual for the people to live in the same hut together with their pigs and dogs. They do so because, on the one hand, the animals help keep the hut warm, and on the other hand, this prevents the animals from being stolen.  

Ninety people fell ill as a result of this epidemic, and one person died from it. The people were afraid of this “unseen” illness, and the fear was reflected on their faces. We brought the most seriously ill to the hospital in Dekai. 

It was very satisfying to be able to help these people, and the beautiful smiles on their faces were an expression of their gratitude and joy that we had come. I am very grateful to be involved in work of this aviation service.

Dyro, Pilot