India Suffers Under Covid Lockdown

In Switzerland and throughout Europe, we are still doing relatively well during the Covid pandemic. In other parts of the world, people are suffering far more from the lockdowns. In our country, the state helps in many cases with compensation for closed businesses or short-time work.

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In addition, almost everyone has a full fridge, freezer and pantry. Many have put aside a “nest egg” for a rainy day or have access to savings accounts. In Africa and Asia, there are millions of people who live from hand to mouth. As soon as there is no work, there is no money in the household coffers. That is why we continue to provide material aid in northeast India.

Our local partner travels almost weekly to the mountainous regions of Sikkim and West Bengal with relief supplies and food parcels. In January and February of this year, thanks to our help, he and his relief organization supplied hundreds of families with aid. His words encouraged many people.