Helimission – Aim and Purpose

Helimission’s aim is to bring social, medical and humanitarian help to people in remote and inaccessible areas. Helimission is non-denominational and helps those since 1971 in need without consideration of their religious affiliation. 

SOS operations

Helimission provides SOS relief in areas affected by catastrophes in cooperation with international and national relief organizations such as the International Red Cross (ICRC), The UN refugee Agency (UNHCR), Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Humedica, Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA), OXFAM, The German Agency for Technical Relief (THW), CARE, Tear Fund, Save the Children, Feed the Hungry, and many more. 

Long term operations

Helimission currently operates in the following countries: Madagascar and Indonesia. New countries are in negotiation. With nine helicopters we support local organizations. Medical personnel and supplies are flown into remote areas; vaccination campaigns are carried out; emergency patients are rescued; bush hospitals are built and maintained, survey flights are carried out and much more. 

Supporting remote stations: Lots of people live in very remote areas and have no access to radio equipment or to a satellite telephone. In an emergency, they send a messenger on foot to the nearest mission station. If the mission station cannot treat the patient themselves, they use their radio equipment or satellite phone to contact Helimission requesting the helicopter.