Getting Rich By Passing It On

In the 50-plus years of Helimission‘s history, we have had the privilege of building God‘s kingdom together with many greatly valued local people. Professionals such as accountants, pilots and mechanics have invested their knowledge not only in our work, but also in other people.

In this respect, special thanks are due to our pilot and mechanic, Beat Burkhardt. He is a gifted mechanic and has accumulated a wealth of experience in his 35-year career. His precious heart shows in the fact that he loves to share this abundance of experience with others. He takes on young and novice helicopter mechanics with remarkable patience. During his fieldwork in Madagascar from 2006-2016, he shared his knowledge with many people. One of them was Dalee. After 7 years of “apprenticeship“ under Beat, he was able to become the first local staff member in Helimission history to receive his official helicopter mechanic‘s license. Dalee then became our first local maintenance manager, responsible for the maintenance of our fleet in Madagascar.