Future Day 

11 November 2021 was “National Future Day”. We pupils were given the assignment of observing a particular profession. Since my dream job is a helicopter mechanic or helicopter pilot, I asked Curt if it would be possible for me to spend my Future Day at Helimission. Curt checked on my request and agreed.

In the morning, I went with Beat (Assistant Technical Manager, Pilot) to the hangar to see the helicopter. I was able to learn a lot about the helicopter. When we had looked through the helicopter to make sure everything was OK, Simon (Helimission Manager) came and I was allowed to do a sightseeing flight. We had a wonderful view; it was very beautiful! We saw the mountains of the Säntis, the Hohen Kasten and the Ebenalp. But the most exciting thing was the feeling of flying for the first time. 

I spent lunch with a fantastic group. Afterwards, I went back to the helicopter with Beat. He explained a lot of fascinating things to me there. With Päivi (Member Care Counselor, Event Manager) I was allowed to do a little training on how to observe new cultures. At the end, I had a moving conversation with Beat. Since it is soon time for me to choose a profession, Beat encouraged me to stay in prayer and to ask God what profession he wants me to be in. I will definitely do that. I thank Helimission very much for letting me spend my “Future Day” with them.

Ennio – 12 years old