What we achieve with our helicopters

In the western world, helicopters are taken for granted; they are proven technology making all types of transport possible, and are well known for their search and rescue capabilities.

In 1972, when Helimission began using helicopters in remote areas of Africa, this was a daring event from anyone's point of view, and this new concept had yet to be proven. There were people, however, who believed in this vision and supported it. Even today Helimission is supported and financed by faithful patrons.


The cost of flights for catastrophic operations and for medical emergencies are born by Helimission. For other assistance, we usually only charge the price of the fuel.   

The efficiency of a helicopter - with your help

Qualified Maintenance for the Best Possible Safety

As with every vehicle, helicopters are in need of regular maintenance, and parts need to be changed or replaced. Because the pilots are also helicopter mechanics, they are, for the most part, able to carry out this work themselves.


The help we offer to those in need, is flown in mostly remote areas. This demands much skill and ability from the pilots. Helicopters are very reliable and safe aircraft.


Even with the best maintenance however, technical breakdowns are possible during a flight. In the unlikely event of a power failure, the pilot is able to land safely in a relatively small area using autorotation. Autorotation is a part of every helicopter pilot's training, and is practiced regularly.