Fearless thieves

My friend Mona Lisa and I went to the hospital to visit a patient we knew. When we arrived, we saw another friend, Ibu Dolce who was very badly injured and sitting on her own in the hallway. For years she has been coming to my house to sell her vegetables and fruit and she was there just yesterday.

Surprised to see her here I asked “Ibu, what happened? Why are you so hurt? Are you okay?” She answered in a shaky voice, “I was leaving your house yesterday, I was driving my motorbike on the road and a thief pushed me off. They had a knife and threatened to cut my throat, but instead cut my noken (purse) off my body, stole it and ran. All my important paperwork, cards, cellphone and money is gone.”

Poor Ibu was all alone and really banged up. Her hand and wrist, her face and her knee all swollen. I hugged her and asked her how I could help. She said she hadn’t eaten since yesterday and she was really thirsty. The hospital doesn’t supply anything except one plastic pillow. No blankets, sheet or food. The patient has to bring or organize everything himself. 

We ran to Helimission’s office and got a care package (blanket, cups, plates, soap, water, towel) and then we bought her a pillow, food from the store, a mask, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and a bunkus (takeout food). Mona Lisa was very helpful giving suggestions for what else might be helpful to buy. 

We brought her the things, covered her in her blanket and got her all cozy. 

We are thankful that her injuries are not life threatening and she is doing better again.