Fascinating Technology “Hands-On”

For flight training with our pilots, we often fly out to Bokondini which has a tarmac airstrip that is not utilized much anymore because the village now has road access. While our local Indonesian pilots were going through aircraft type training for the helicopters used by Helimission, we frequently flew to this airstrip.

Scotty and his team run a school in Bokondini called “Ob Anggen,” which means “good fruit” in the local language. They strive to provide a high level of education for the local students also including discipleship. Because we have flown over the school so much during our training flights, I thought it would be a good idea to visit them with our pilots and tell them about our work. One of our local mechanics grew up in Bokondini and he told the interested students how he was inspired by watching the missionary planes flying in and out and how the desire grew in him to be involved in this work. We were able to introduce ourselves and explain about our work and the training we were conducting with our local pilots. The highlight was, of course, looking around the helicopter and learning how it works. They listened intently to our local mechanic Sammy, and it even helped them understand some of the physics they had been learning.

Ben, pilot