Family Medevac Flight

On a previous flight in the Bemarah area, in the village of Begara, a 14-year-old girl had an epileptic fit and fell into a fire which resulted in severe burns to various parts of her body.  

Dr. Justin, who flew there with us, treated the teenager and asked us to come back to medevac her several days later so she could be treated in the capital, Antananarivo. She needed surgery to graft some skin and ligaments on her arm and hand as she was suffering from second-and third-degree burns. 

A few days later, we organized a medevac flight with my wife Magali as nurse and our 16-year-old daughter Caroline as assistant nurse to do the wound dressings and transfer her to the capital. It is always a privilege to serve together as a family for the glory of God. 

On the way we flew over the Tsingy rock formation and landed in the village of Ankinajao where the teenage girl, actually lives. This village has also been attacked by Dahalos (cattle thieves) on numerous occasions and several people from the village have been killed. 

This medevac was a good opportunity to show our love to these villagers. 

With gratitude, Jean-Christophe, Pilot