Bullet Wounds And A Blind Man

During a mission to the Bemahara region in the west of the island, we used the helicopter to help a man with bullet wounds. This region is known as “zone rouge” (the red zone) which means that travel is not recommended here.

In the many years in which we have visited countless villages in this region with our helicopters, we have never really had any safety issues, which is a great testimony to how God protects and surrounds us.

In this area, people build their huts using only grass, branches and roots. They have a tremendous knowledge of the natural environment. Their rough feet remind us of the long distances they walk barefoot in these inaccessible and remote areas, and how precious the helicopter is to them.

On our return flight, we took a young blind man with us. In the bush, there is no hope for him to receive much help, but he might receive some in the capital. It is always nice when we can maximize our flight time and use of the helicopter by combining missions.  

Christophe Niederhäuser, Pilot