Brave young Malagasy

On Thursday evening we were asked to rescue a young man who had been involved in a car accident and fly him to the hospital in the capital, Antananarivo. Unfortunately, the time was too far advanced, and it was impossible to make the flight before nightfall. 

The brave young man who had broken several bones and also had internal injuries had to wait until the next morning before we could fly. We took off as early as possible to pick him up in the northwest of the country. After about an hour’s flight I was expected in the village of Maevatanana. The roads in Madagascar are so bad that it would not have been possible to bring the patient to the capital comfortably. Very probably he would not have survived the one-day car ride on the bumpy roads.

After we had loaded the patient into the helicopter, we started the return flight with two doctors on board. I tried to choose a flight altitude at which the weather conditions were as calm as possible, and it was not too hot. After flying for another hour I landed in Ivato where an ambulance was already waiting to take the young man to a hospital where he could finally be operated on. I was grateful that the patient could be handed over to the hospital in a reasonably stable condition following the flight. 

Nick, Pilot