Bank accounts

Bank Details in the USA

P.O Box 538
Lima, NY 14485, USA

Bank details in Canada

Helimission Canada
RBC Institution
20059 40th Ave, Langley, BC
V3A2W2, Canada

Account  number: 5155957
Account name: Christopher Wiebe,
3382-197th Street, Langley, BC
V3A7X3, Canada

Bank details in Switzerland

Stiftung Helimission

Bleichi 2
9043 Trogen

Bank address:
Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

9001 St. Gallen

CHF Account
Account 359659-21

IBAN: CH63 0483 5035 9659 2100 0

EURO Account
Account 359659-22-2
IBAN: CH72 0483 5035 9659 2200 2

USD Account
Account 359659-22-1
IBAN: CH02 0483 5035 9659 2200 1

Bank Details in Germany

Helimission Deutschland e.V.
Dorfstrasse 74
DE-88079 Kressbronn

Bank address:
Volksbank eG - Die Gestalterbank
Am Riettor 1
DE-78048 Villingen-Schwenningen

EURO Account
Account 7026005
IBAN: DE36 6649 0000 0007 0260 05

Tax Deductions

USA: For a tax-deductible receipt, please make checks payable to "Helimission"
and mail to the address given under "Bank Details in the USA" above. 

Donations for Helimission Switzerland are tax deductible in all cantons according to the federal law from 14 December 1990 on tax harmonization (StHG) Art. 9, paragraph 2, letter i, "donations are deductible in all cantons" (in force since 1. January 2006).

In Germany, donations for Helimission Germany e.V. are deductible for up to 20 % of taxable income. For donations of up to 200 €  a simple cash deposit receipt or a booking confirmation is sufficient as proof. Annual donation confirmation will therefore only be issued for donations of more than 200 € . For smaller donations however, we will gladly send an annual donation confirmation on request.