Attacked By Cattle Thieves

Helimission has been partnering with Brillant for at least 15 years now. We do an average of two flight programs a year with him. He is one of only very few who work in the far southeast of Madagascar. 

The southeast of the country is a difficult and challenging remote area. Gangs of Dahalos (cattle thieves) are always on the prowl and the weather is often bad. Two years ago, Brillant was elected as a member of parliament, representing this area in the far southeast. He really has a heart for these people, and also to build schools and roads to help this area become accessible and help it develop. 

During the week we visited around ten villages. Some of the villages had been attacked by Dahalos: houses had been burned and destroyed, 15 people were killed, many wounded and 600 cows were stolen from several villages. It was something very sad to see. It is difficult for these people who have lost a loved one or their home.

We shared words of encouragement and hope. We also brought rice, pots and pans, cups and plates, blankets, and literatures. There really is a lot to do and we sometimes feel that what we do is only a drop in the ocean! The task is huge!

Jean-Christophe, Pilot