Aid After Earthquakes in Albania

On November 26, 2019 an earthquake struck one of the poorest countries in Europe: Albania. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.4, killed 51 people and injured 2,200. This is Albanians deadliest earthquake in over 100 years. 

It was followed by numerous severe aftershocks (up to 6.0) which prevented people from feeling safe and finding any rest. 1,300 aftershocks were registered! In addition, a 30-day state of emergency was declared. 

“Profamilja” is a non-profit organization which focuses on caring for children and families. Helimission has known the directors since the early 90s. Therefore, we had a trustworthy partner in the area we could support financially. 

From day one, “Profamilja” organized child-friendly and safe spaces where the children could play. Due to good contacts, “Profamilja” was able to mobilize 20 volunteers immediately who organized activities for the children and looked after them. Psychological support was also available. A team of doctors and dentists supported the people by providing their services free of charge. 

In the area of Peza, “Profamilja” provided 250 families with food. Over 9 days, 25,000 meals were prepared and distributed! Tents were provided for 50 families because the earthquakes had caused their houses to collapse or had rendered them uninhabitable. For “Profamilja” people are very important, and they have continued to visit people in their temporary shelters and provide them with emotional support. 

Simon Tanner