A Step Into The Unknown

A year ago, I first heard about a Helimission family in Madagascar who were looking for a teacher for their children. I have always been fascinated about doing something like this.  

I took my time to make a decision. The workload as a teacher in Switzerland had increased considerably, partly due to Corona. This added to my interest in taking on a new position. I contacted the Helimission family informally to get a first impression of the family and my responsibilities there. Afterwards, I talked a lot with my family and my friends about whether or not I should continue to pursue this project. It would take a lot of courage for me to venture into a new environment like this. 

I chose to accept this challenge to be a teacher in the service of a family in the field. I have been in Madagascar for half a year now and am experiencing how God fulfills his promise, bit by bit. I enjoy my job here with a lot of freedom and three motivated children and at the same time immersing myself more and more in the Malagasy culture. Also, I even have peace about remaining here for another whole year to teach these children!

Rahel, teacher