A Pilot On The Construction Site

We have all been affected by Covid-19 for almost 2 years now. Thank God everyone at the base in Wamena are all still fine. Because of the very fast spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, the Government imposed a lock down in all of Papua, so we couldn’t do a lot of flying. 

So, in July, my focus was on helping with the construction of a guard house on the site of a new house for Helimission employees. I found helping to build the guard house to be very interesting: I learned a lot of things, such as teamwork and working with plans that have been drawn in advance. However, the most important thing is working with joy and peace, because if there is no joy and peace, the work will not go well. 

I learned a lot from Martho, the construction manager. He estimates that the house will be ready to live in at the end of the year. For two weeks, from Monday to Friday I helped with the construction. After that I had to go back to the Helimission office because I had office work to do as well. 

I hope that all the work we do as Helimission Wamena can help support the ministry in Papua. 

Maichel, Pilot