A New Tool For The Fisherman

Jun Deles, who is handicapped, lives on his own in his hut. Despite having a disabled right leg, he earns his living by fishing. Typhoon Odette (Rai) destroyed his small boat and consequently his means of making a living. 

When we as Helimission provided aid with one of our helicopters on Panay Island following Typhoon Yolanda (in November 2013), valuable relationships were formed. 

This time we were able to provide financial support to the victims of Typhoon Odette through our brothers and sisters in Iloilo and Sara, as well as Pastor Delia in Bacolod City on Negros Occidental. As a result, thousands of people received urgently needed food and building material through the local relief organization “Merimna Ministries.”

The new boat for Jun Deles, a good secondhand sailing boat, cost just over 100 dollars. With it, he can now provide for himself again. Jun Deles always brings some of the fish he has caught to the local church. It is motivating to see how much good we can do with relatively little money! 

Simon Tanner