8 Minute Flight Instead Of A 10-Hour Struggle

A while ago, an outreach week was conducted with Sedera and his team in the southeast of the country. Most regions were sealed off by the government due to a second Corona wave. However, this relatively unreached region remained open and it allowed us to conduct this outreach.

Once all passengers had tested negative, we were ready to go. After a fuel stop in Fianarantsoa, we finally arrived in Ambalahosy, our destination. We were joyfully welcomed by many people. Immediately Sedera began teaching and the people waited and listened intently despite the great midday heat. Afterwards we informed the villagers about the medical help that was available to them during our whole visit. This was put to good use. 

It is astonishing to hear that the distance to the next larger village takes about 10 hours on foot, although it is only about 28 km (17 mi) away as the crow flies. How privileged we are that we need only 8 minutes by helicopter for the same distance and this without sweating or wasting valuable energy for the journey!

In many villages in this region, high-proof alcohol is produced and unfortunately we were confronted with great distress in this village because of this. We hope that our visit will bring a lasting change. Such visits are only possible thanks to the faithful donors of Helimission. Therefore, and I would like to take this opportunity to express a big thank you to them.

Nick, Pilot